How much does it cost to own a boat?

People often wonder how much it costs to own a boat.  I’m not talking about buying the boat, I’m talking about costs above the original investment. It’s a very good question to ask yourself if you’re considering taking the plunge!  There are many costs you need to consider.   Many of the regular costs are by […]

Getting Ready for Winter- Wash your lines

Before and After the Storm!

My cousin Mary texted me on the way to her boat as she was preparing her boat for the storm. She had some good ideas and suggested I do a post….alas this is it! Before a storm: LINES: Put extra lines on the boat to the dock or the mooring. You can double up the […]

Boat Lists: Getting ready for the SHAKEDOWN CRUISE

Pamper Your Outboard Engine! New Engines and Parts Are Backordered Due To Covid

New Outboard Engines and parts are seriously backordered due to Covid and increased demand. That means that it is more important than ever to take care of your engine!! You want to make sure you are three steps ahead of any potential breakdowns that could be avoided. Consider replacing critical parts that should be replaced every […]

4 Tools To Use When Instruments Fail

Check out another video by my idols, Gale Force Twins. This video shows you the 4 ways to get home if/when your instruments fail. This is real people, it happens!

How To Drive In Rough Seas!

Of course I have grand plans to get the camera out this season and do some videos for you all. However…in reality….I still have a full time job that I’m committed to, a family, Coast Guard Auxiliary duties, and much more that don’t afford me the time to film every video I’d like to. So […]