People often wonder how much it costs to own a boat.  I’m not talking about buying the boat, I’m talking about costs above the original investment. It’s a very good question to ask yourself if you’re considering taking the plunge!  There are many costs you need to consider.   Many of the regular costs are by the foot, if you keep in in the water or trailer it, and the number of engines will affect your overall boat costs.  Every foot costs more money!

Here are just some of the regular costs to consider when owning a boat in Massachusetts:

  • Water slip (price per foot)
  • Ramp fees if trailering
  • Insurance
  • Winter storage (price per foot)
  • Winterizing the engines (price depends on horsepower)
  • Replacing batteries every 3 years or so (how many batteries do you have?)
  • Replacing water pump and thermostat (every 3 years)
  • Bottom paint every other year (price per foot)
  • Trailer maintenance
  • Registering the trailer every year
  • Registering the boat every 2 years
  • Excise tax depending on where you store it

These two female captains, The Gale Force Twins, do a great job in talking about just some of the costs of owning a boat. They nailed it!  Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

Yes, boats cost money to own and maintain even if you do the bare minimum. That being said, if you are going to commit to using it, it could be the best investment of your life. You can’t put a price on it when your out on the water, families and friends are together, and smiles are ear to ear. It’s worth every penny to me and I’d feed my family beans before I give up boating!!